About Me



Design Engineer / Instructor / Researcher

Conceiving new ideas and developing systems that would deliver, is a personal goal I have set for myself ever since I started my bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering. Vision of any person, organization is the basic phenomenon which paves the way to progress and prosperity. I have had the privilege of working on number of projects.



Solidworks, Fusion 360, Onshape, Blender, PTC Pro Engineer/ Creo, Google Sketch Up, Art Cam and Mach3. Von Mises Stress, Strain, Displacement, Fatigue, Natural Frequency, Thermal Tests. Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Bending, CNC and 3D Printer. Pneumatics and Hydraulics Systems


Arduino, PIC, PLC and Raspberry Pi. Eagle and PSpice. EMG, Ultrasonic, Light, Motion, Gyro, Touch Panel, DC Motors, Stepper .High Torque Brushed DC Motor Controller, Automated Door lock, Persistence of Vision, Smoke Detection System and EL Wire Controller (AC)


C, C++, C#,Python. Visual Studio, Unity, RobotC, Matlab, Processing IDE, Arduino IDE, MIT App Inventor, Auto Desk Maya. Deep Learning, Object Detection, Audio Data Analysis, Facial Recognition, SLAM, Robot Arm Control, Forward and Inverse Robot Kinematics, Maze solving. Image Processing, Motion Detection, Facial /Object Recognition and Graphical User Interface


EBot is an educational ecosystem developed for students, children, artists, and robotics enthusiasts to learn, explore and build working prototypes through experiments and games. The kit includes custom designed plastic bricks, an electronic development board with a wide range of compatible sensors. 100+ plastic pieces including Gears, pulleys and Wheels, designed to cater all kinds of prototyping requirements. Strong, durable and yet easy to use material, mass produced with precise injection molding techniques to get the maximum precision and quality.


Microphone Video Monitor

A video monitor attachment for microphones, the video monitor attachment having a top portion having a first opening, a bottom portion having a second opening, and a plurality of sides, the first opening and the second opening communicating with a channel adapted to receive a handle of the microphone.

Humane Animal Trap

The humane animal trap has a circular base and a plurality of arcuate ribs extending upward and inward therefrom to form a generally hemispherical frame. A hollow central column extends upward from the center of the base. A drop weight is installed within the column.

Educational Apparatus

An educational apparatus for educating, testing and entertaining individuals includes a rotatable spherical element, a planar support structure and a plurality of rollers for supporting the spherical element for rotational movement. The planar support structure defines an elevated planar surface with a circular opening therein.