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Well worth the time. This was a great starting place. I felt confident and capable with the techniques shown. Great Job putting this together. It is a great service to the community.

nice course, explaining important topics. learned a lot .thankyou

Show... Thank you so much...

Best Image Processing tutorial ever!!!

Thank you, your course is excellent

I just finished your course on youtube, thank you so much, it was the best course I have ever attended.

Great Course for beginners! Thank You!

Great course. Only 2 small 'bugs'; 1>Best to download the Resources folder from the Github page (more complete). 2>Project 3 uses 'Resources/video12.mp4', there is no such file. Those small things aside, this course is well thought out/planned. Really enjoyed how the projects build on the previous chapters. One of the best Tuts I've done. Looking forward to doing your other courses! As your student I would grade this course A++

Nowadays having this kind of knowledge is very important. It's the trend! Excellent course.

Excellent course

just awosem.....if u want to learn it from scratch......there u go...this teacher us just awosem.......


Very productive 3 hours of my life!

thankyou for a great cours



great course. learnt a lot. thank you so much

Thank you so much for the course and I learnt a lot of new things from this course and it is very helpful to me.

simple and neat presentation.

A Minimalist's dream openCV-python course

Instructions clear. I learnt it easily. Thank you very much sir.

print(('thank you sir ')*100000)

I learn a lot from this course. Thank you sir...

Want to learn more a lot about opencv

firstly, I wanna thx you for such an amazing courses. I have learnt a lot through ur videos and guides.
I not only learn face detection from you but also face recognition too.
Hope u can make the face recognition course here soon!

and again thx.

It is a great and comprehensive teaching for learning CV2. Thanks the effort you had to put into. I really enjoyed it!

Very easy to understand the hardest subject. Your way of teaching is excellent.
I love to have more practical examples in python.
I really love to see a script to detect face mask detection

Excellent course, very useful if you are a new developer

Absolutely amazing course. Complete, and useful. Thank you.

I've just finished the course, Thank you so much.

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