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Topics for this course

53 Lessons

———- BASIC ———–

Text Detection OCR

Angle Finder?

In this project we will create an angle finder. We will first define two lines using mouse clicks and then find the angle between theses lines using simple mathematics.

QR-Code & Bar-Code

Panorama Stitching


Object Detection OpenCV (MobileNet SSD)

Face Recognition and Attendance System

Document Scanner

Yolo V3?

In this project we will learn how to run the yolo3 object detection using opencv and python. This is one of the easiest method since it does not require an installations other than opencv. We will use the configuration and weights files provided by the author on the darknet website.

Object Size Measurement

Facial Landmarks and Face Filter

Highlighted Text Detection

———- ADVANCE ———–

Augmented Reality

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

Feature Detection and Matching

Text Recognition using Neural Network (Digits)

Traffic Sign Classification

OCR on Forms and Receipts

OpenCV Sudoku Solver