Murtaza Hassan is an Educator/Youtuber/Entrepreneur in the field of Computer Vision and Robotics. He runs one of the largest YouTube channels in the field of Computer Vision, educating over 3 Million developers, hobbyists and students. Murtaza obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics and later specialized in the field of Robotics from Bristol University (UK). He is also a serial entrepreneur having launched several successful ventures including CVZone, which is a one stop solution for learning and building vision projects. Prior to starting his entrepreneurial career, Murtaza worked as a university lecturer and a design engineer, evaluating and developing rapid prototypes of US patents.

Murtaza Hassan

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Murtaza’s Workshop – Robotics and AI is an Educational channel which produces content in the field of Computer Vision, Robotics and AI.

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Murtaza Hassan

Founder of CVZone

Computer Vision Zone (CVZone) is an online platform that provides the latest tutorials and courses in the field of Computer Vision, Robotics and AI. 


CVZone Python Package

CVZone Python is a package that makes its easy to run Image processing and AI functions.

CVZone Arduino Library

CVZone Arduino is a library that allows communication between Arduino and python scripts.